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Mattress Buying Guide 2016

Besides the crib mattress safety standards, there are some other important features to consider. The American Academy of Pediatrics(APP) guidelines for Sleep Safety and SIDS Reduction, recommends that you put your baby to sleep on as firm a mattress as you feel comfortable. Also, given the likelihood of leaky diapers, look for a mattress that has a strong waterproof mattress cover. Another thing to look for in a mattress are small vent holes on the sides of the mattress. The holes will help ventilate the mattress and allow odors to escape out.

mattress buying guide 2016

So I put together this chart to help people see underneath the covers of these popular brands of mattresses and it was correct as of summer 2016. I include our Healthy Foundations mattress as a point of comparison, but I no longer am producing or selling it -- I am just providing the information hopefully as a helpful guide as you sort through all the options

In many peoples minds buying a mattress is often analogous to buying a car. In the sense that some people view it as a purely functional item; just something to sleep and on anything broadly 'ok' will do. Others view it like their cars whereby 'more is better' and an extremely luxurious expensive brand is the best thing to buy if it can be afforded. At RESTED our analogy is different.

We regard mattresses as analogous to buying running shoes. Technically, you can sleep anywhere or on anything, much as you can run barefoot or in any kind of shoe - but as soon as you appreciate that having the right mattress or right pair of shoes has a benefit to the function i.e sleeping better (or running faster/longer) then technical selection is a lot more important. And much like a shoe a mattress should be fitted and individualised to you in order to be optimised. And in just the same way, running (or sleeping) with a bad item that doesn't support you properly or misaligns you, can have serious long terms consequences. And finally, as a technical product that impacts on your heath, it is always better to seek the advice of a technical expert. We believe in this process so much, we wrote a whole separate blog about it here!

As the world continues to shift toward e-commerce and shoppers become more savvy, buying mattresses online is becoming a more popular option. Shopping for a mattress at a showroom can be an intimidating experience. It often includes a pushy salesperson and an overwhelming number of overpriced options. When you choose to purchase affordable beds online, you remove the middleman: the showroom. This saves you time, money, and the headache of being bombarded with too many choices.

Though back sleepers are lucky in that they can usually find comfort on a variety of different types of mattresses and materials, I recommend that these folks check out hybrid mattresses, which combine foam and coil layers (more on that later!) For specific mattress recommendations, check out my Best Mattress for Back Sleepers guide.

Mattress types are as many, and varied as anything else, with so many different technologies and shapes, it is not always an easy task deciding which is best for you. With this part of the guide, we will give you the pros and cons of each mattress type we sell here at so you are more easily able to make an informed decision.

As you consider the types of latex mattresses out there, I hope this buying guide has proven beneficial. We have covered the important factors to be aware of as you shop as well as the many pros along with the cons of latex mattress material. To break it down quite simply, you should:

For more information, read our guide to buying a play yard. And be sure to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission's list of recalls to double-check that any model you're considering isn't on the recall list.

Look for any protruding, worn, or sharp parts and check that the harness straps are in excellent condition and the buckle works well. Check the manual for size and weight limits, finding it online if you need to. Safety standards change fairly often for highchairs; for the latest safety and usage notes, see our highchair buying guide.

False. Inevitably all mattresses will have a different lifespan based on their quality and a number of other factors. If you notice a change in your quality of sleep or your mattress is sagging and becoming lumpy, it could be time for a new one. See our handy mattress care guidefor more information on looking after your mattress. 041b061a72


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