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Android - Sdk R10 - Windows Download

You can also manually unlock the phone and then, from the computer, run the adb shell command, which will then start a command-line version of adb, the Android Debug Bridge. Type adb devices at the command prompt to get a list of devices currently connected to the computer. The device will be listed if it is attached, and its serial number will be displayed if so. Connect the device to the computer, and then type adb reboot bootloader to start the bootloader. If you experience problems, try adb reboot recovery instead.

android - sdk r10 - windows download

FIREFACE: This tutorial is for Android 4.4 or higher, and for those devices that have fastboot enabled. Slow devices or those with locked bootloaders cannot use fastboot. Fastboot is a tool that can be used to access the bootloader, flash ROM images, or any other modes not supported by the Android Debug Bridge (adb). Fastboot is used in conjunction with the Windows CLI (Command Line Interface) to connect devices to the computer via a USB cable. There is a fastboot program packaged with the Windows CLI that lets you run fastboot if the device supports this function. If it does, it may be running and available in your Windows system. On Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can find the Windows CLI executable in the following location (under %PROGRAMFILES%):

SDK isthesoftware developmentkit with the source code and API that enables developers to create apps for Android. Also includes a graphical development environment, with graphics tools and wizards to make coding easier and to help in the design process. SDK contains example applications that provide you with a quick start point, as well as tools to build, test and debug your application. The SDK also includes tools for building a customized ROM for a device. You can use the SDK to create a new ROM instead of buying a new device.


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