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Download Assault Suit Leynos

In Assault Suit Leynos you are going to experience a robotic war. The world is progressing day by day and all human beings are living in peace and harmony. There is no chance of violation by any state, but suddenly the peace of this world is shattered and it turns into darkness and the enemies come from space cause the destruction in world. There is only one way of stopping them through arranging Assault suit squadron. It has got excellent visuals and the sounds are also quite imposing. While playing the game jump into assault suit and here you are going to experience eight different stages like alien-blasting, side scrolling and others which help you a lot in completing the mission. There are deadly and latest weapons which you can used in initial stages and further you unlock more by completing the earlier levels. Phantaruk is another game that you can download.

Download Assault Suit Leynos


When you boot up, you are suited up in a cybernetic assault suit and your goal is to defeat a huge hoard of mecha enemies. Your suit is pretty heavy and thus you are a bit slow when you move, but your other abilities will compensate. You have a jetpack that will allow you to go higher, or if you wish you can dash forward for a nive burst of speed. You also have a fantastic range of weapons that can tear apart your mecha enemies in seconds.

Gameplay wise, Assault Suit Leynos is very much about combat at high speed. Your mech, or assault suit, has access to a wide variety of weapons, as well as a jump pack. These two elements are combined for the core gameplay, darting around swarms of enemies and blasting away at them. All the while enemy shots need to be either dodged or blocked with a shield.


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