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How to Get Pure Chess Apk Mod for Free on Android

Experience one of the oldest known boardgames on the advanced technology of today. With ultra-realistic and unparalleled beautiful visuals you can almost reach out and touch the pieces. Created under the watchful eye of a fully-fledged Grandmaster; Pure Chess allows players to experience the traditional game like never before, showcasing gorgeous environments and unbelievably stunning chess sets.

Play Pure Chess on Tegra K1 and enjoy true console-class graphics never seen before on any mobile device. The power of Tegra K1 allows Pure Chess to really shine with high resolution, realistic reflections and refractions, highly detailed chess sets and surroundings and to top it all off, post processing effects like bloom and depth of field. All this combined makes Pure Chess look stunning on Tegra K1 and provides you with the ultimate chess game experience.

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Pure Chess - Very beautiful and realistic 3D chess with different skins and a multiplayer mode that came to us from Sony's Playstation platform. Now you can plunge into the excitement of the chess game with beautiful figures and great background boards, decorated in different styles and eras, ranging from classic modern pieces to ancient civilizations. Multiplayer in the game is made not only through an android device, but also have the opportunity to play with players of Sony Playstation.

Hey, chess-lovers! This new version brings improvements and fixes throughout the app - and some great new features too! * Level up your Puzzle practice by earning points for every correct move. Keep solving to advance and earn new scoring bonuses!* Game Review now estimates your rating in that match - and shows how well you played at each stage of the game!* In Daily Chess, you can now "program" moves to be triggered automatically when your opponent makes a move you expected!Thank you!

Hello everyone! I created several new and beautiful chess sets for Chesssmaster XI and a blog to share it with you. Link: Don't worry, it is just for love of the game. It's a nonprofit work, there are no ads from my side, the blog is completely clean. The files are hosted on a free Mediafire account, so there may be some advertising as part of their business model, unrelated to me.

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You're welcome. "Girl colours" matter to some women and girls, where others will find them ridiculous and prefer to stick with traditional colours. I'm trying to encourage my 10yo daughter to play casually and perhaps learn a little. She loves her pinks and purples.The bugs in Chessmaster are always going to be annoying now that it's been abandoned unfortunately. Even when you've chosen your 128 sets if you have a chess set loaded and another that's just been recoloured you have to find a 3rd different chess set with a different shape to load in between the 2. The colours don't change if you just go directly between two based on the same 3D model. There's also no tool available to build a new 3D model, and the effort to reverse engineer the file format was never worth it let alone now.

Pokémon Duel uses full 3D graphics with extraordinarily sharp and new shaping. It can be said, it is a further step, making the standard for future games. We can see that Pokemon are not designed to be animated anymore, but they are figures. This is the innovation that gives players a truly new feeling. They will still fight and move but with the posture of a figure. Every time an attack is launched, everything moves and slams into the opponent. Imagine you are playing chess and using your chess pieces to kick the opponent.

Chess Online APK is a chess-inspired game that allows you to compete against other players around the world. This is considered one of the playgrounds chosen by many chess players to practice skills. Therefore, if you play with them, it will help you progress faster in this intellectual chess.

Online chess competition has never been so simple since Chess Online appeared. This is a famous product from the publisher Chess Friends which attracts a large number of players who love chess around the world to participate. You will experience pure chess matches against other opponents, including AI or real people.

Accordingly, everything is simulated strictly according to the original chess original which will surely make you feel excited when experiencing it. No matter your level of chess, you can enjoy this game to the fullest. Currently, Chess Friends is available on Google Play as well as on our website, download to play it now.

Indeed, Chess Online offers players an original chess experience through familiar rules. You just need to know the rules of chess to start competing in this game. Accordingly, drag and drop operations are also shown very effectively on the touch screen. Just touch the chess piece icon you want to make the appropriate moves. Of course, you also need to understand the factors directly related to the outcome of a chess match. For example, you can level up, enter a castle, catch a good pass, and more to increase your win rate.

As a new player, you should try your hand at chess matches against AI. Playing against AI will help you understand the operating principles of this game before confronting other players. Do not be too subjective, the AI system in the game is divided into 20 different power levels that allow players to freely choose.

Depending on your current level, you should choose the right level to learn more chess experience. For those who have mastered chess, you can play against people to test your skills. Accordingly, you will be paired with other players around the globe for uncompromising chess matches. The results you achieve in each match will directly affect the achievement rankings. Therefore, do your best to beat your opponent in intense confrontations.

As mentioned, Chess Online includes simple features just as the name suggests. Basically, this game does not have too many new ideas about chess, but only focuses on exploiting new customizations to give players a more interesting experience.

Typically, you can choose from many different types of chess boards and pieces in this game. This will make chess matches more attractive and lively than ever. Besides, mistakes in your control steps are also indicated by the system on the screen. As a result, you will not repeat the same mistakes in the next levels and increase your chess experience continuously.

Although it is just a simple chess game, the graphics quality of Chess Online is extremely sharp. Accordingly, players will enjoy extremely beautiful details on the screen. It is the appearance of the chess board, the pieces, and useful information related to the players. Moreover, the layout of the interface in the game also made us feel comfortable during the experience. In addition, you can also choose among many different skins for the chess pieces for a more novel experience.

Although not exactly unique, Chess Online still gives players the most impressive experience related to chess matches. When there are no conditions to play chess, participating in online chess matches will be a great choice for you. Download this game and experience it now.


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