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Understanding the Offside Bet in Football Betting

The offside bet is a popular side bet in online football betting. By predicting offside incidents during a football match, you can earn money quickly and easily. This article will help you understand offside betting better and provide some tips to increase your chances of winning. Let's dive in!

What is an Offside Bet?

An offside bet is a type of side bet in football betting where players predict the number of offside calls in a match. Despite being a side bet, the winning odds are relatively high, and it doesn't require much effort to analyze or scrutinize the odds.

Offside is a common infraction in sports matches, especially football. The term "offside" refers to a player being in an illegal position on the field. An offside infraction occurs under the following conditions:

The player is in the opponent's half of the field.

Fewer than two opposing players are between the player and the opponent's goal line.

The player is ahead of the ball when it is played to them.

In online football betting, there are various types of offside bets. It's important to note that these bets only apply to the 90 minutes of regular play, excluding extra time and stoppage time.

Types of Offside Bets

Online betting sites offer various enticing offside bets. Each type has different participation methods and payout rates. Here are some common offside bets frequently used by bettors:

Handicap Offside Bet This type of bet is based on the handicap rate provided by the online bookmaker. The bookmaker sets the handicap based on team lineup, form, and other match-related information. Players can place bets on either the first half or the entire match.

Over/Under Offside Bet This bet is based on the total number of offside calls made during a match. Players can bet on:

Over: if they predict the total number of offsides will be higher than the bookmaker's rate.

Under: if they predict the total number of offsides will be lower than the bookmaker's rate.

Exact: if they predict the total number of offsides will be equal to the bookmaker's rate.

Odd/Even Offside Bet This bet involves predicting whether the total number of offsides in a match will be an odd or even number. Players can bet on:

Odd: if they predict the total number of offsides will be odd.

Even: if they predict the total number of offsides will be even.

First and Last Offside Bet Players bet on whether the home team or the away team will commit the first or last offside in the match. Important points to consider:

If the match is abandoned after the first offside, bets on the first offside remain valid.

If the match is abandoned before the first offside, all bets on the first and last offside are void.

If no offsides occur during the 90 minutes, all bets on the first and last offside are void.

Tips for Successful Offside Betting

While offside betting is relatively easy and doesn’t require much time for analysis, winning consistently involves more than just luck. Here are some effective tips for offside betting:

Analyze Each Match for Offside Trends Football match outcomes are generally not predetermined. Therefore, always analyze the match before placing offside bets. Key points to consider:

Review the last 5-10 matches of both teams, focusing on offside statistics.

Check the history of matches between the two teams and note the outcomes.

Identify which players will be participating and their tendencies to commit offsides.

Use Offside Statistics Charts Offside statistics charts display the history of offside infractions for both teams in recent matches. This helps in predicting the total number of offsides. For example, if the offside statistics for both teams are stable, consider placing an over/under bet based on the combined offside totals from their last 10 matches. If the statistics are inconsistent, it might be wise to avoid betting on that match.

Monitor Defensive and Offensive Styles Defensive coordination and teamwork among defenders are crucial in creating offside traps. Pay attention to how well defenders know each other and their ability to execute offside traps. Additionally, teams that frequently use counter-attacking strategies are more likely to commit offsides. Consider these factors when placing offside bets.

Follow Key Players’ Offside Tendencies Some forwards have a higher tendency to be caught offside due to their playing style. If you know which forwards are likely to play and their offside tendencies, you can make more informed bookmaker toolbetting betting decisions.


Offside betting, although not as popular as other types of bets, offers an exciting way to earn extra money in football betting. By understanding the different types of offside bets and employing strategic analysis, you can increase your chances of winning. We hope this article provides valuable insights to help you succeed in offside betting and boost your earnings with online bookmakers.


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