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Mythomaniac - Season 2

This recap of Mythomaniac season 2, episode 6, contains spoilers, including a discussion of the Mythomaniac Season 2 ending. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words.

Mythomaniac - Season 2

Season 2 finds Elvira estranged from her family after they find out the truth about her fake medical diagnosis. Patrick marries Sandrine but later redevelops feelings for Elvira. Nonno dies in a car accident, and the family reluctantly reunites in the face of their tragic loss. Elvira tells Patrick about her traumatic experience as a 15-year-old that led to the birth of Lorenzo. Carole decides to go on the cruise, joining the recruitment arm of the sect. In the season finale, we see Lorenzo smiling at the sight of a stranger, presumed to be Elvira.

Netflix has made exploring foreign series and movies very easy. Especially English shows and non-Asian dramas. Earlier viewers were limited to watch contents of their own country but now they can enjoy watching foreign Series. Today we have come up with an interesting drama, that has everything you want to see in a series. While talking about Mythomaniac is a French drama. You must have finished watching its previous two seasons and now wondering to know more about the Mythomaniac season 3 release date.

Hello, have you noticed that skam france has a rapidly depleting audience in comparison to the prev season? Such a shame bc this season has been good, especially when juxtaposed with wtfock's current offering. I know the skam audiences don't take to non-white characters and nor do the writers, but I'n wondering. Do you think if skam france hadnt done such a monumentally bad job with every other character of color in their 1st gen, do u think their audience would've been more receptive?

Hello, I saw your post about skam France about Daphne and her personality transplant and I wanted to ask if you maxbe could elaborate? How did her character change? What did she do for things in season 4?

I'm not saying that u should try to lower ur standards from remake2remake, but that's exactly what I am saying lol. I do think that in order to enhance ur enjoyment of each remake u need to make peace w idea that u must adjust ur expectations to match the output of each remake up until that point. Ex. Imo skam france is not great. When skam france is working at its highest level it is just delivering O.k content. So with that in mind, this season seems like a stagger towards the right direction 041b061a72


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